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The TygaAffiliate program enables you to earn revenue via your website.


Joining the program is quick and easy!

How the program works:

Link your website to ours and earn a commission every time your users purchase anything from our shop. We’ll monitor the transactions generated from your website and pay you a 10% commission on every sale you make.

Why should you join?

The affiliate program provides the opportunity for you to:


  • Generate revenue via your website.
  • Gain easy access to the complete range of TygaProducts and promotional tools, including online marketing creative.
  • Be a part of an innovative and reputable brand.
  • Easily integrate with your website – our affiliate program is very simple and easy to use.


What can you earn?
10% on all item purchases in our shop.

How do you get started?
Simply complete the online application by clicking the link below.

Contact us anytime for more information or if you have any questions.
We look forward to adding you to our TygaTeam!

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