10 Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable and Green When Moving to a New Facility

Is your company preparing to relocate? Moving to a new office is an opportunity to make your business greener and more sustainable — and going green can be great for your company’s bottom line. Becoming more energy efficient both reduces your operating expenses and can make your business more appealing to potential customers. You may also have concerns about how you can better manage your consumption of natural resources during the relocation process. If you’re looking for advice about making your business more sustainable and green during a relocation, you’ve come to the right place. These 10 tips will help you get started.

  1. Pack Your Items in Reusable Boxes


Cardboard boxes aren’t great supplies for relocating a business. Cardboard crushes easily, so you can’t stack cardboard boxes high in your moving truck. Cardboard is also a single-use material for the most part. You can recycle it, but doing so uses additional energy. Plastic moving boxes are reusable. They stack higher than cardboard, and they hold more.


  1. Manage Your Fuel Usage

One of the best ways to minimize the impact that your business relocation will have on the environment is to complete the move in one trip. If you’re renting your own moving truck, rent a truck large enough to hold all of the items that you need to move. You can further reduce your resource usage — and save money — by utilizing energy-efficient office movers instead.

  1. Protect Your Items With Reusable Packing Materials


Foam, plastic wrap and bubble wrap can do an excellent job of protecting your company’s property during your relocation. The problem with those materials, though, is that you can only use them once. Some packing materials might be recyclable, but the rest will eventually take up space in a landfill. Maximize your usage of reusable packing materials such as moving blankets. One of the great things about hiring an energy-efficient business mover is that the moving company will have a ready supply of reusable packing materials — so you won’t need to buy those materials yourself.

  1. Pare Down Before the Relocation


Does your current office have a closet stuffed with obsolete computers, printers, phones and networking equipment? You don’t want to stuff your moving van with old equipment that you don’t actually intend to use. You also don’t want that equipment to pollute a landfill. After destroying the data on any hard drives or other digital media, call a local e-waste company and have them pick up your old equipment for recycling.

You can also use your relocation as an opportunity to destroy old documents, receipts, manuals and other paperwork that you no longer need. Many areas have companies that specialize in the secure destruction of business documents. They’ll shred and recycle old paperwork on your behalf.

  1. Upgrade Your Computers


Recycling your obsolete computers is a great way to make your office relocation a greener and more sustainable one. You could go a step further and completely transform your company, though, by upgrading the computers that you’re currently using. Does your office currently use power-hungry desktop computers with large monitors? Replace your current workstations with energy-efficient notebooks. Replacing your desktop computers with notebooks will slash your monthly power bill. It may even make your company more productive. Providing mobile workstations also makes it possible for you to further reduce your energy consumption by allowing employees to work from home on some days.

  1. Make Your Relocation Paperless


If you’re doing everything possible to reduce the volume of paper that you bring to your new office location, why would you compound the problem by generating more paperwork during the move? Use a tablet or smartphone to compile an electronic inventory while you pack your items. When you arrive at your new office, make a plan on how to make your office nearly paperless.


  1. Hire a Green Cleaner to Clean Your Old Facility

After you leave your current facility, you’ll need to clean it to prepare it for a new owner or tenant. Industrial cleaners are major pollutants, so hire a cleaning company that uses bleach-free and chemical-free cleaning supplies.

  1. Make Your New Office as Green as Possible Before Moving In

You can use a relocation to a new office as an opportunity to transform your company into one that is greener and more sustainable — and the best time to upgrade your new office for reduced energy consumption is before you move in. Some of the upgrades that can drastically decrease your fossil fuel usage include:


  • Solar panels
  • Insulated windows
  • Skylights
  • CFL or LED light bulbs
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Motion-detecting light switches
  • Timers for power outlets

Making your company more energy efficient isn’t just a great way to reduce your operating costs and build goodwill among your customers — it may even entitle you to receive some tax breaks. Consult with your accountant about any tax rebates that you might receive for going green this year.

  1. Replace Inefficient Office Equipment


Do you plan to move large equipment such as a photocopier, generator or air conditioner to your new office? If your old equipment doesn’t carry the Energy Star logo, it is outdated and uses more energy than necessary. Before your move, sell your old, inefficient equipment in a surplus sale. When buying new appliances, look for equipment with the Energy Star logo.

  1. Start Packing Early

If you pack your items in a hasty fashion, you’ll fill your shipping crates inefficiently. Inefficient packing means that your crates will have some empty space; you’ll essentially be paying to ship air to your new office. If you reduce the dead space in your shipping crates enough, it may be possible to downgrade to a smaller and more efficient moving vehicle. Start the packing process as early as possible. You’ll pack your crates more efficiently because you’ll do so without rushing.



~This blog post was expressly written for TygaBox by Ron Devanso. Ron is the Digital Marketing Manager for moveON Moving. He loves the internet and everything is has done to improve our way of life. He has grown up in the Internet age and is excited for what is next to come. Connect with moveOn Moving on LinkedIn.