Green Tips for Moving with Family


Not only that moving out is a big decision to be made, but it also has to be quick, painless and preferably eco-friendly. The days of sloppy moving are over, it is time to think what is best for you and for your environment. It does not matter if you are just moving around the block or to a completely new city, be smart and do not waste any time, energy and more importantly do not leave a mess behind.

Use Paper

Since bubble wrap is not easily decomposed in nature, you might want to cut back a little on it. Instead, you can use packing paper which is easy to find and perfect for protecting your valuables. When you start packing, wrap fragile items and do not be afraid to use lots of paper. It will protect things from breaking and it can be recycled. If you are running out of paper, you can opt for regular newspaper, but only use it for extra padding since it leaves stains. Other solutions for wrapping fragile items include old sheets, blankets or towels, depending on the size of objects.


Clean Up

Before returning the key to the rightful owner, or passing down your home to someone else, you do not want to leave anything behind, especially not dirt. Before packing furniture and rugs, make sure that you clean them. Remove any stains and dust they might have inside so you would have a clean start. Also, you want to leave a good impression and clean every surface in the place you are leaving behind. To get rid of any particles of dust, grimes and dirt you can use steam vacuums which are perfect for any dry or wet stain problems you might have. For dusting and cleaning you should think about using products that are biodegradable and non-toxic. Also, use cloths to avoid any paper towel waste, and cloths absorb everything better.

Reuse Moving and Packing Supplies

You can easily pack anything from clothes to fragile glass into boxes and move them safely. Ask around in local shops if they have any extra boxes they do not need and use them for moving. After you are finished with those boxes, do not simply throw them out. Damaged and torn ones should be recycled, and other undamaged boxes you can reuse and make a castle for your daughter or a cozy fort for your son. Even better option is buying wooden or plastic crates like the Tyga-Box System which can be used in various situations and as many times as you need. You can also lend these to your friends and neighbors or even rent them for moving and start your own business.


Get Rid of Things

While packing you should sort out your belongings and see what you actually need. Clothes that do not fit you anymore you can donate to charity and help other people. Valuables, figurines and other items can easily be sold on eBay or even in a garage sale. Make list of things you do not need anymore, give them a price and have a fresh start with a little extra money. It is a win-win situation for you and the environment since you are not simply throw things out.

Moving Companies

If you do not have the means and the time to do everything alone, consider hiring a moving company. However, try to find one that is eco-friendly. These types of companies should have vans and trucks that run on biodiesel, they use moving pads that are made of recycled cotton and that have a practice of renting packing crates. This way you are helping the environment to stay pollution-free, and you are on a clear path to your new green home. As you can see, this is another chance to show respect to our planet. Take these ideas into account and help preserve the environment. Also, choosing green buildings for your new home is even better sign of respect and you are making long term difference.

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