Like many illnesses, covid-19 has its stages – not only as an illness of pandemic proportions – but also as a dizzying range of significant impacts that touch almost every aspect of our daily lives.

The earliest stage as I recall was on information, the focus being on detection, symptoms, treatments and potential human outcomes. The next stage was on prevention, concerning itself with means of transmission and contraction-avoidance in light of no medical cure or protection such as a vaccine.

Following was the education stage in which scientific data was presented and behaviors such as mask-wearing, hand washing, surface sanitizing and social distancing were emphasized. Concurrent with the education stage was the economic impact stage and myriad efforts made by Congress and creditors alike to support the business community in weathering negative economic impacts.

In my personal experience, the social stage was an overlay on the other stages. It highlighted wellness and meditation and fostered a spirit of oneness – we’re all in this together and what can we do to help each other.

Currently, we’re in the reopening stage and the focus is on safety and risk mitigation. Safety to protect employees and mitigating risk for companies.

This is a moment when entrepreneurship shines. In a short 3 months many entrepreneurs have anticipated this moment and built products to support safe reopening. Think in terms of (i) self-reporting health status apps, (ii) contactless temperature sensors, (iii) social distancing monitoring and (iv) RFID technologies to confirm share spaces are sanitized multiple times daily e.g. conference rooms.

As an entrepreneur, I am heartened by the innovative spirit demonstrated by so many as it represents the hardcore ingenuity for which America is known.

Should further information about reopening technologies be helpful, kindly avail yourself of these links:

Health Check



~Post authored by TygaBox’s CEO, Nadine Cino, LEED AP. Nadine is known for her irrepressible entrepreneur spirit and is an impassioned sustainability thought leader, speaker, and writer. Nadine has dedicated the past 20 years serving as TygaBox System Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer. As the co-Inventor of the TygaBox System, an innovative, efficient, reusable box and dolly system, Nadine’s vision and environmental commitment has transformed the moving and storage industry helping companies significantly reduce moving costs by 30% and packaging impacts to people and planet by 100%.