4 Great Tips to Bolster Your Business Fleet’s Green Strategy


Going green isn’t just a one-time strategy, it is a long term goal so you need to be prepared to change some things related to your business from the root. For transportation-related businesses, this need for a change is even stronger, considering that transportation was found to be one of the largest contributors to the U.S.’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Regardless of where you live, this information should wake concern and all businesses need to start thinking more about the environment. It is understandable if you don’t know where and how to start with this change so you can still make a profit and with that in mind, here are some of the most important tips to help you bring about this change to your business.


Involve your drivers


For your eco-friendly strategy to be truly woven into your business operations, you need to get your drivers on board. They will be using your eco-improved fleet and harsh braking, speeding violations or purposeless idling contribute greatly to higher carbon emissions. You need to educate your drivers first and strive to instill the passion for going green into them because if you don’t explain your reasoning and how they can be involved, you cannot expect them to stay true to those routines.

Another thing you can do on your part is to make sure that the route has been used to the maximum so as not to have two drivers driving the same route to deliver something which could have been done by one driver. And last but not least – you should consider rewarding the most efficient drivers. Fleet managers can use telematics to learn such details and by rewarding the most careful ones, you would be encouraging and motivating others to do the same.


Upgrade your fleet


The crucial element in your green fleet are your vehicles so they need to reinforce your policies and strategies and go towards hybrids and electrical cars and trucks. You probably cannot afford to go all in and change all your vehicles but you can do it slowly, by selling old ones or their parts and purchasing new ones or used but with reduced fuel consumption. Also, when looking for trucks for sale online, make sure you check their engine specifications for emissions.

Electric vehicles, for instance, are useful for shorter routes but taking them on longer routes can be irrational since you may find elements like recharging, service, maintenance, and repair to be challenging. To have a comprehensive approach, it might be wise to have a mix of hybrid, petrol, diesel, and electric vehicles in your portfolio and also, you need to think strategically and use each vehicle for the right purpose. Also, it is vital you have each vehicle subjected to regular maintenance because that is the only way to make sure everything is functioning as it should and that means minimizing harmful emissions.


Consider optimizing routing


Another essential element in your green strategy should be finding the smartest route to reach the destination. The shortest route isn’t always the best so, for instance, a very steep shortcut can significantly increase fuel consumption which means that you have to plan the routes in detail before the drivers set of. Also, if you don’t have one, you should hire a fleet manager to ensure that the nearest trucks are sent to the destination to reduce wasting resources.

Telematics and GPS equipment can help regarding locating the closest vehicles and identifying high-traffic areas which will reduce CO2 emissions, and save you time and money because your drivers would be choosing the most optimal route. Different technology can also improve driver behavior and techniques by helping maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and monitoring speed.


Complement your strategy with other solutions


Your business fleet being the key to your business, you could be in the delivery business, transportation, moving, taxicab company or a similar line of work. Implemented your green strategy to your business fleet is a huge success but you need to complement it and make it reflect on the rest of your business operations. How green would it be if you had careful drivers and appropriate vehicles but throw away the boxes that you use for moving after each move?

There are so many areas that could be ‘greener’, so besides reusable moving boxes, your employees could go paperless and use devices to receive and send all information. If for some reason paper is necessary, your office should contain a box for everyone to put the sheets they no longer need so they can be recycled. You can also try refillable ink pens and reusing the furniture since many pieces which are thrown to the landfill can be reused in another manner.


Wrapping up


Your drivers and you will have a few ups and downs in implementing the strategy but this is just a part of the journey. What is crucial is that you stay persistent and you might inspire others to walk on the green side of the business.


By guest author, Mike Johnston. Mike is a lifestyle and business blogger from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator. He has also contributed to numerous interior design, real estate and green living blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.