6 Ways To Get Organized For A Big Move

1. See it with your mind’s eye

stil-336189Before you start with the actual planning, the best way to prepare is to visualize your new home – picture it how you want it to look. It will help you decide which things to carry with you and witch things you can leave behind. This is the moment to get rid of all the stuff you’ve been planning to throw away. The next step is to visualize the whole packing process  – it has been proven many times that imagining our goals completed helps us achieve them more easily.

2. Color association

When you start packing, one of the most important things is to label everything correctly. But what’s even most important is to make the labels clear at first glance. Writing on boxes is mandatory, but using different colors can help you to keep track easier. You can choose your colors according to the room in your new house in which a certain box will go, or according to the type of belongings, it contains. This type of color labeling comes in handy especially when it comes to your devices’ cords, as they sometimes seem impossible to determine to which device they belong.

3. Your identity has no backup

Living in this age of technology we’re used to the fact that everything has a backup, just like computer files. But when it comes to our personal papers, like birth certificates, passports, financial documents and other vital types of records there is no backup. If you lose them you can have most of them made again, but you’ll certainly have to experience an eternity of waiting in lines in bureaucratic hell. That’s why it’s important to keep these types of documents separated and safely locked away in a fireproof lockbox. This is not something you need to do whether you’re moving or not, but if you haven’t done it until the moving day, now is the time.

4. Use technology

We already mentioned above that you can create the backup of all your computer files, just in case. You can just use hard drives, but if you have a great number of important business documents you should consider more professional backup strategies. But backup is not just for important documents – it can also save you a lot of boxes. If you’re a person who has a large music or movie collection on disks, consider copying them to a hard drive and getting rid of the cases.

5. Safety first

Now that you’ve organized all your belongings and stashed them safely into boxes, the remaining step is to transfer them to your new home. While up to this point your friends can be of a great help, transport is a tricky part where a lot of things can go wrong. That’s why it’s always recommendable to find some cheap and effective storage services that will make sure everything reaches the destination intact. These professionals are not just there to transport your things, but also to load and unload them safely, you just need to say when and very. It will cost you something extra but probably a lot less than purchasing a thing that could have been forgotten or broken.

6. Make one ready-to-open-box

move-2481718_1920Always make sure that you pack one box with the essential stuff. Packing and moving are exhausting experiences and you won’t be unpacking the moment you arrive, even if you planned to.  You need to keep stuff like pajamas, toilet paper, toothbrush and coffee for the morning by hand and ready to use. If you’ve succeeded in avoiding stress throughout the whole day, it would be stupid to have a nervous breakdown in the end, trying to find the essential stuff you need.


~Article submitted by Helen Bradford of Media Gurus.