Moving to a new house is equally exciting and stressful.  There’s much to think about and do, and it’s more complex if you’ve got a pet. When it comes to moving your pet, you’ll want to do so in a safe and effective way, all while making sure your pet is happy and comfortable the entire time.

That’s a lot of boxes to tick. Fortunately, today, we’re going to help alleviate the stress of moving a pet, ensuring you have more time to focus on everything else that’s going on and safe in the knowledge your pet is happy.

#1 – Get Organized

The first thing you’re going to want to do is plan ahead! Think about where you are now and where you’re moving to, how long it’s going to take to get there, and what kind of transport you’re using.

The more organized you can be while answering these questions, the more you’ll be able to plan and know exactly what you need to be doing.

#2 – Consider Using a Service

If you’re unable to take your pet to your new house, it’s important to make arrangements for a pet-friendly courier services that can manage this on your behalf.

They can use their own vehicles or relocation methods, so simply research to see what’s available to you in the area you’re in and whether this is something that would help you come moving day.

#3 – Pet-Friendly Place?

“If you are renting, you should check if your new apartment is pet-friendly before you get a lease. This is very important. However, just as important is the neighbourhood. Will your pet get a lot of park time? Is there a lot of traffic that will scare your pet?” says Nick Taylor, a writer, and owner of two dogs at Brit Student and 1Day2Write.

#4 – Keep to a Routine

If your pet has a routine, such as going for a walk at the same time every day or being fed every day at the same time, it’s so important you make sure you’re sticking to this routine. Even if you’re driving long-distance, if it gets to be the time you take your dog for a walk, simply pull over somewhere and take them for a walk.

Your pets will remember their routine far more than you probably realize, which is why, during this potentially stressful time, it’s so important to keep to their schedule.

#5 – Think About Pet Safety

If you’re taking your pet with you while you’re moving, it’s vital to think about safety the entire way through. How comfortable and safe is the area your pet is staying in the car? Is there a risk of objects coming out of a box and hitting them while you drive?

If you’re getting out for a break, are you going to leave your dog in your car with your belongings with the windows rolled down?  Or, are you going to take your pet with you? How can you ensure your pet won’t cause a distraction while you’re driving?

Plan ahead and be organized to protect everyone involved.

#6 – Leave the Crate Out

Think about the last time your cat or dog was in a crate. Perhaps when you were bringing them home for the first time? If this is the case, you’ll want to start leaving their travel crate out a few weeks before you move.

This way, your pet can get used to it again, and, if you encourage your pet to sleep in it, this will make getting them in the crate so much easier on moving day.

#7 – Get a Check-Up Before Moving Day

Before it comes to the actual day of the move, but not far off, it’s important to think about booking your pet for a check-up. This way, you can make sure there are no underlying health conditions that could cause a problem and ensures they’re up for the move.

“If you’re travelling to another country or over state lines, the chances are you’ll need to get a pet health certificate anyway because most states will require them,” shares Alex Harris, a cat owner and editor for Origin Writings and WriteMYX.

Moving with a pet does not need to be a difficult experience for both you and your pet. If you follow these tips, you will have a much easier time moving and your pet will be happier.


~Submitted by Sherie Raymond. Sherie works as a writer and editor at Academicbrits. She loves writing about pets and lifestyle design for various online publications such as Australia 2 Write. In her free time, she likes doing yoga.