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Change can be a good thing. And a change of place is the most exciting and nostalgic a change as can be. It makes you revisit your memories and hope that you would be able to recreate them at the new place. With moving comes the responsible task of packing and shifting items. Here are a few tips on how you can control the amount you carry, and truly welcome the change that awaits you.

  1. Old Clothes

Clothes might take up the maximum packing space while you’re moving out therefore it is essential to choose wisely. It is a good idea to be practical at this point and forgo emotionality. Donate your old clothes especially those that may not fit as well before or those that you have completely grown out of. Even clothes that you have not worn in the past one year imply that you would probably not be needing them any longer. Be shrewd in your choice of clothes that you want to take to the new place.


  1. Ancient Electronics

CDs, Floppy disks and cassettes. All these articles might store a house full of memories for you, but it is also important to change with the times. Digitize every important memory or work that you may have in these electronic items and transfer them to a pen drive. Those articles may just be serving no purpose but taking up undue space in your packing bag or box. It is time to change with the times and adopt digitization to its fullest.


  1. Unused Kitchenware

You may have that one special mug from which you drink from every morning, or another one that was a gift from a loved one, but besides that, the other countless mugs might be something that is simply kept on the shelf, used rarely or never. Even fancy crockery including plates and glasses, spoons and forks you should judge for yourself whether they are something that are in regular use at your place, or they simply adorn the shelves or drawers of your old house. This distinction is essential to make sure that you are not carrying unused junk at your new place too. A better idea would be to buy some new items that might go with the décor of your new house or yet adopt a whole new hobby, such as gardening. Check out the reviews of best tillers at TillerAdvisor.com if you are planning to do so. New place should equal new you!


  1. Old Memorabilia

Changing a place can be sentimental as you develop a sense of attachment to your place. With the place as things that you have now come to regard as ‘yours.’ However it is important to understand the difference between something that is truly sentimental versus something that you keep simply because it’s always been there! So pack your first birthday card from your partner or your photo framed college degree, however you may like to think a bit more about the diaries you wrote in class 2, or a finger painting you made as a child. Digitize as much as you can, click pictures of these things and donate/ discard such stuff.


  1. Anything You Forgot You Had in The First Place!

Now this is a very useful tool while deciding what to pack and what not to. If there is something, an old t-shirt, an old hand towel or some old makeup kit- it probably implies that you don’t need to pack it to your new place. If you did not use it for all this time so much so that you forgot about its existence, it’s time to let go of it.


  1. Old Toys

Everyone has those one or two special stuffed toys that hold special meaning for the, that even as full-grown adults we hold on to. However having a proper toy collection might not be the best idea to carry with you all the way to the new place, where they would again be adorning shelves. Instead, donate those toys to children who might actually use them for their purpose- playing!


  1. Books You Don’t Read / Love Anymore.

A true book lover knows the agony of parting with a book. If you want to recreate your book library at your new place, you should go ahead and carry some of your favorite books. However, be sure to part with some books, possibly donate them to children or NGOs where they can be put to good use.


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