7 Tips To Help You Save on Moving Costs

Moving is stressful, not the least of which is the stress of the additional expenses that come with any move, whether it is across town or across the country. To reduce your stress and save on the cost of moving, get organized and stay that way. Making last minute decisions because you are rushed are always more costly than ones that have been planned out and researched. We offer you 7 actionable tips to help you save on the cost of your upcoming move.

Downsize Your Stuff
Getting rid of the excess things you no longer use is key. The heavier the contents of your stuff, the more your household will cost to move. Even if you are renting a moving van and doing the move yourself, if you have less to move you can get a smaller moving truck and save on the rental and fuel costs.

This is the perfect time to hold a yard sale or even donate items. Are there things you almost never use or items still packed from your last move? Are you ready to update furniture or appliances? Get rid of them instead of moving them. The tax break and the reduced cost of moving will help keep more money in your pocket.

Plan to Do As Much Packing as Possible
This is an ideal tip to help you dramatically reduce the expense of moving. Moving companies charge heftily for packing services. By doing it yourself you can save those fees. Use linens from your home to wrap breakables and to save on the cost of packaging supplies. However, remember that if the moving company breaks something you have packed, they are not liable.

Seek Out Free Boxes
Packaging materials, especially boxes can quickly become expensive but this is one area in which you can easily save. Check out the free section of websites like Craigslist or Freecycle for people who are giving away boxes from recent moves. You can also ask local businesses and offices if they have boxes they are getting rid of. Ideal choices are copy paper boxes because they are sturdy and uniform.

Shop Around
Before you choose the company to handle your move, get at least 3 estimates from reputable moving companies. Check out online reviews for each company to get a feel for how they treat customers. Estimates should be done in-person. Reputable movers typically send someone to your home to survey the contents. This allows them to provide a binding, written estimate of costs.

Choose Container Shipping
Container shipping is a less costly alternative to moving than hiring a moving company. A container is delivered to your home and you fill it with your belongings. It will be picked up on the agreed- upon date and transported to your new address for you. This saves you money on your move, and the stress of renting and driving a huge truck yourself.

Move During Offseason If Possible
Most people move between June and August, when kids are not in school. If you can move during the other months of the year, you will find that rates are lower. If possible, schedule your move mid-month and in the middle of the week.

Look For Outside Help With Moving Costs
When you are faced with a move, it is typically related to your work. Be sure to ask your employer about the possibility of covering at least a portion of your moving expenses. Even a lump-sum payment can help tremendously. If you can’t get help from your employer, save your receipts for income tax time, as a portion of those expenses can be written off on your income tax return.

These tips can potentially save you thousands of dollars and make your move much easier on your wallet.

Guest Blog post submitted by Amy Medeiros
Amy is a Marketing Consultant who happily works from home. She writes about business, marketing, technology and the Internet. On any given day you can find her practicing yoga and reading copious amounts of books. Follow her on Twitter @amymedeiros3