8 Green Moving Tips That Will Keep You Organized and Earth-Friendly

Moving is a stressful process. It requires money, planning, and a lot of packing material. It’s also a source of enormous waste. Most people rely on cardboard boxes to keep their belongings safe in transit. This works, but also generates garbage. An estimated 900 million cardboard boxes are used annually. The good news is that there are things you can do to reduce waste and make your move go as smoothly as possible.

  • Try Reusable Containers Instead of Cardboard

Reusable containers are becoming a fan favorite among eco-minded consumers. Brands like TygaBox offer durable plastic alternatives that can be rented for a single move or purchased for ongoing use. They replace cardboard and can reduce the cost and waste associated with household moves.

  • Pack with Used Cardboard Boxes

Instead of buying new cardboard boxes, pack with used ones. Ask friends and family if they have any lying around. Some retailers may be willing to save a day’s worth of boxes for you to take for free. You can also check out local ads to see if anyone is giving away unwanted boxes.

  • Use Alternatives to Packing Materials

Instead of paying for new packing materials that will be thrown away later, get creative and use your own items. Blankets and pillows make great padding. Linens, comforters, towels, and clothing can also be used to wrap breakables.

  • Buy Biodegradable Moving Tape

Look for biodegradable moving tape. It’s strong, practical, and safer for the environment. If you plan on recycling your boxes after moving, you can look for non-reinforced or reinforced water-activated tape or kraft flatback tape.

  • Carefully Plan All Moving-Related Travel

Any moving-related travel should be carefully planned to minimize mileage. Fewer miles traveled means less fuel burned. That includes errands you have to run to get ready to move as well as any trips made between your old home and your new one.

  • Use Zero-Emissions Vehicles to Move

Electric or hybrid vehicles have a far lower negative impact on the environment. According to Connect Electric an electric car that is charged with solar panels emits virtually zero carbon dioxide while you drive. If you plan on hiring a professional mover, make sure you find someone who is eco-friendly and uses low-emission vehicles.

  • Donate or Giveaway Unwanted Items

You will probably have to offload items that you don’t want to bring with you. Instead of dropping them off at the dump, try selling, donating, or giving them away. You may be able to make a little extra cash or help a family in need without sending more stuff to landfills.

  • Pack the Kitchen Last

Most movers go to the kitchen first to pack up. Consider saving the kitchen for last so you don’t have to buy disposable cutlery and paper plates. As long as you have access to your dishes and silverware, you won’t have to toss extra trash out while prepping your home for a move.

It’s easy to plan an earth-friendly relocation. Try these methods or come up with new ways to cut down on the emissions and waste generated by a move.


~Guest blog post submitted by Robert Lawler. Robbie is the co-founder of Connect Electric. An Australian based electrical company aiming to bring 5 star service and a lifetime warranty on jobs to people all across the country.

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