A Clean-Up Checklist: What to do when Moving Out?

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Regardless of the circumstances, moving out is a serious process. Unless it needs to be done overnight due to unexpected reasons it requires thorough preparation and execution, that is if you wish to do everything properly and at one go. Shoulder to shoulder with packing list every responsible tenant needs to have a clean-up checklist in order to leave the house in the best possible condition for future residents. Here are the items that need to be a part of it.

Appliances cleanup

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Without a doubt, all frequently used appliances require a thorough clean-up. A sponge, a good cleaning solution and a lot of work will surely remove all grease and dirt. Remember, some of the appliances need to be cleaned from the inside as well. This is especially true for ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves and sinks where food remains and stains are expected to be found. Lastly, do not forget to the lint trap of your washer and drier.

Furniture and some

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Make sure you clean all closets inside and out leaving no clothing behind. Kitchen cabinets, countertops and shelves are something that is frequently used and returning them to the original state is expected. This goes for bathroom cabinets, drawers and vanities as well. Naturally, they need to be completely emptied as well. Next, wipe out all the mirrors, door knobs, sockets and switches too. Bath tub, shower cabin, sink and particularly toilet will require special attention. Remove all the stains, dirt and hair and make sure you leave them in perfect working condition.

Floors and floor covers

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All carpets and rugs need to be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned, as well as all floors swept and mopped. Corners need to be given special attention since they are prone to gathering dirt. Do not forget surfaces under fixed appliances as well. Finally, adding some lemon and baking soda to your cleaning solution will provide prolonged freshness and pleasant scent.


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If you happened to live in a place with a backyard, it will surely have to be a large entry in your clean-up list. Leave the lawn mown, all grass cut and weed pulled. Also, this is a great opportunity to do something for the environment as well. All the yard waste you collected can become a part of municipal waste stream management and be reused instead of just thrown away. All the help you may need with this can be found it the following paragraph.

Rubbish removal

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At the end of the day, when everything is cleaned and packed all that is left to do is to take the rubbish out and dispose it. This may not be as simple as it seems, especially if you are living in an urban area. Disposal sites are very often remote and the rubbish needs to be sorted out in order to be left there. To avoid all the unnecessary hassle and possible complications the best thing would be to hire Rubbish Removal Men to do this properly, including separation and possible recycling.

Clean-up check lists are important for a successful relocation. The more detailed it is, the fewer chances are that you will have to go back and redo something and the safer the odds that you will get your deposit back.

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