Automated RFID Item Tracking Technology – Breakthrough in NYC

TygaTrax Teams with CRS to Introduce Exciting

New 24/7 Tracking Technology


NEW YORK, October 2, 2017 – TygaTrax, a technology innovator, teamed up with office moving specialists CRS – Corporate Relocation Systems, Inc. to demonstrate the power of an automated RFID system that is capable of 24/7 tracking of any item, anytime, anywhere. Utilizing this technology, CRS and TygaTrax delivered a flawless move – and most importantly, peace of mind to their client. The relocation, which occurred in September for a leader in global banking, involved highly confidential files.  The new technology, with its 360 Audit Trail, eliminated the need to manually track inventories of items during the multi-phase move, keeping everything secure throughout the relocation process.


“We’ve worked for more than a decade to bring the right item-tracking product to market. We’re well-positioned to integrate automated RFID tracking into the workplace asset management environment,” said Martin Spindel, President of TygaTechnologies, Inc.


Michael Varoukas, CEO of CRS, added, “We are so excited to have had the opportunity to be the very first to use the TygaTrax technology for one of our major clients. The new system allowed for much greater efficiency and I truly feel this is a long-overdue breakthrough in the corporate moving industry. With multiple jobs running every day, I can be updated in real time without having to contact individual project managers. We certainly look forward to introducing this technology to more of our clients.”


The VP of Facilities and Administration at the financial institution stated, “CRS handled a large move for us, using TygaTrax to track our boxes 24/7. These boxes had very important customers’ documents and losing a box was not an option.” She went on to say, “TygaTrax gave us peace of mind knowing that the boxes were tracked in real time. Reports were sent to us showing where all the boxes were delivered and accounted for within the floors and in our secured file room. We would highly recommend TygaTrax to other companies, especially when handling customers’ documents.” 


TygaTrax’s scan-free, hands-free system tracks items on a 24/7 basis, every item in and out of the origin and destination locations, as well as during transport when the items are on trucks.  This mobile technology ensures the utmost in security by making items electronically visible at all times, providing real time tracking and management reports, and allowing for adjustments to the move plan, if and when they are necessary, to be made in real time. 


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