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Moving to a new residence is a big process that can take quite a bit of time to fully complete. From house hunting to negotiations to settlement, it requires a lot of patience and hard work and if you’re among the 35,700,000 million Americans that moved within the last year, you know exactly what we’re talking about! In fact, the US Census Bureau reports that 1 in 9 Americans will pack up their belongings and head to a new address; that means you, or probably someone you know, will be moving soon!

With that said, some of us dread the act of moving because we must box up all of our belongings, schedule a time for a moving truck and put in a ton of sweat equity moving things from place to place. But one of the most bothersome aspects of moving tends to be timing because it always seems as if we have to rush around and put everything else on hold until we get everything situated. When this happens, we get caught up in the chaos of moving, which can cloud our packing process. Items are forgotten, things aren’t properly secured and some belongings become damaged! To avoid these unfortunate mistakes, take a deep breath and read these DIY packing tips.

Ditch Or Donate

A few weeks before the move, you should go through all of your belongings and decide what can be donated and what will be ditched in the garbage. This little tip will reduce the amount of things you’ll box up and could benefit someone else in need. Think about your big and bulky items: are you planning to get a new living room set or will you replace that wobbly dinette set you’ve had since college? If a situation like this applies to you, get rid of them before the move to save some time and consider selling them to turn a profit.

Prep Fragile Items

Glass, ceramics and delicate electronics need to be prepped for a bumpy ride! Head to the home improvement store or a moving supply store and pick up plenty of bubble wrap, moving pads and packing peanuts. You’ll need to provide all of your fragile belongings with as much cushion as possible to absorb road conditions such as pot holes, unexpected stops and treacherous bumps. fragile moving image 02

Trailer Time

Many movers are shying away from moving trucks because they add extra stress to the entire moving process due to their time constraints and correlated costs. Instead of loading and unloading your belongings in a tight time frame based on the moving truck schedule, you could take DIY moving to another level. Consider renting a trailer or looking at trailers for sale to move at your own pace. Having more control over your move will alleviate some stress and you’ll get to pack all of your belongings carefully.

Are you ready to avoid moving madness with these DIY packing tips?

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