Baby Tiger Mascots? Not Quite!

As many of you know, when Tyga was still in its infancy, our co-Inventors found themselves drawn to the primary and awe inspiring features of the tiger; strength combined with effortless motion. They endeavored to create their product with these same qualities and wouldn’t quit until they produced a system that would revolutionize the moving industry by adding durability AND reducing effort. By creating the TygaBox System they achieved their goals and discovered other efficiencies and value their new product offered; namely, a sustainable solution for relocation!

In the spirit of their primary inspiration, TygaBox has always supported and promoted tiger conservation and advocacy efforts. And here is the baby tiger part… Having heard about two orphaned kittens in need of foster care, one of their long standing employees, Donna Uettwiller, responded to the need and pulled two tiny “tigers” from her large city shelter to provide for them until they are grown enough for adoption. Donna is one of the company’s remote employees and working from home with the company’s support has made it possible for her to save these babies. We are PROUD to call them the unofficial TygaMascots and thrilled to announce that our followers can now follow us on Instagram and watch them GROW! Meet Evie and Olive!!

introducing e and o - 4 weeks