Benefits of Running an Eco-friendly Business


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Switching to sustainable business solutions to benefit the environment is a great way to improve your company’s morale and reputation. If you’re wondering whether you should invest in sustainability initiatives, consider the following benefits of running an eco-friendly business:

Happier Customers

Businesses that offer efficient and sustainable solutions will result in happy customers. Environmentalism is fast becoming an important issue for people from all walks of life, and knowing that your business is doing something to help the environment is likely to encourage your customers – and future customers – to think favourably of your business.

Happier Employees

Several studies suggest that going green can benefit employee wellbeing, especially when their company shares their eco-friendly commitment to people outside the workplace. Keeping staff happy is essential for them to stay productive in the workplace – so remember the emotional health of your employees when deciding whether to go green!

Efficiency and Innovation

Who wouldn’t want to work more efficiently and focus energy and resources on innovative solutions? Going green will force you to think critically, and lead you to discover new, efficient ways of doing things. You might even like to work with a business that can specifically help you to minimise business waste.



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Reduced Costs

Instead of always buying brand new products for your business, why not attempt to find recycled versions? Depending on your business, recycled materials may well help your company reduce costs and save money, as will cutting down on power usage.

Expanded Client Bases

Environmentally-conscious investors and potential customers appreciate responsible businesses that are committed to their values.  Show your clients that you care by clearly, consistently explaining and improving your environmentally-friendly practices, and their appreciation and customer loyalty will be a great reward.

Healthier workplaces

Cutting down on waste and adhering to environmentally-friendly practices will give your workplace a healthier feel. You could even bring in a few plants to help your workplace to feel a little more natural.

A Positive Reputation

The state of our environment causes legitimate anxiety to many people. Knowing that the company that you work for or support is doing all it can to reduce its negative impact on the earth is likely to help it to stand out as a positive force for change.



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Ability to Help Fellow Eco-Friendly Businesses

Using local, responsibly sourced products will have positive effects on both the environment and on local communities. Buying locally is a key way to limit your business’s carbon footprint and help your community by putting money into local pockets rather than those of large national corporations.

If you run a restaurant, for example, try your best to choose humanely-sourced, eco-friendly products such as free-range farm eggs and meat.  If you run an office, use paper from responsibly managed forests. Simple choices like these will minimise your impact on the earth and will be something that becomes even more important over time.

A Better, Cleaner Legacy

Setting up your business for success in all possible ways will make handing over the reins much easier when you’ve decided to move on from your business. Whether you’ve achieved financial independence or are simply ready to move on to a new venture, you’ll want to make sure your business is set up for a new owner with the same eco-friendly values.

If your business has an excellent track record with successful environmentally-friendly initiatives and has a team of enthusiastic staff fully backing its values, you’ll find it much easier to attract potential buyers with the same worldview.  Environmentally-friendly working systems are also more likely to stand the test of time as environmental solutions become more important in modern companies.

Going green starts with choosing to recycle instead of sending all your waste straight to the landfill. Although small, this first decision can expand into hundreds of bigger, intentional choices to make a positive difference for both the earth and your company.

Johanna is a writer who is passionate about making responsible living choices, starting at home – such as growing her own produce or decorating her rooms with cute, quirky furniture from the local thrift store. Explore more of Johanna’s work here.

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