Benefits of Using LED Under Cabinet Lighting

When many homeowners think about lighting, they often forget about under cabinet lighting and only consider overhead illumination for their kitchen remodeling project. But this may not be good enough to fully light up your working area. Under cabinet lighting brightens up the working surface, gets rid of shadows and improves kitchen aesthetics at the same time.


Why Install Under Cabinet Lighting?

Even with bright overhead lighting, you might notice that cabinets and other elements throw shadows on your countertop. In other cases, the overhead lights may be too high to provide adequate lighting on the counter surface. Under cabinet lighting can solve both problems.

Aesthetically, under cabinet lighting adds a unique style to your cabinets. In fact, you can install them on your base cabinets, where they do not provide any illumination benefit, simply for their beauty. You can also install them to highlight your backsplash and make it stand out more. The reflective effect can be quite dazzling for glossy-finish backsplashes.


Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

There are several types of under cabinet lighting styles you can chose from. They include puck lights, light strips, tape lights and rope lights. Puck lights are some of the easiest to install. The pucks can be installed facing directly downwards or angled to illuminate the backsplash. Light strips, tape lights and rope lights come in varying lengths depending on the length of your cabinetry. If none of these are appealing, check out bar lights sold by most stores. One or two of these bars should be adequate.

As for the lights themselves, LED is the most popular option. The biggest benefit of LED is that its saves a lot of energy. Additionally, it does not heat up, which could be a problem for foods stored in the cabinetry.

Aside from LED, other options include Xenon, halogen or fluorescent under cabinet fixtures. Fluorescent lights are almost as efficient as LEDs and give of very little heat. Go for Xenon lights if you want a warm glow and the ability to dim the lights. You could also opt for halogen under cabinet lighting but beware the amount of heat it gives off. If you must use it, make sure there is nothing in the cabinets that can be affected by too much warmth.

You can also opt for incandescent under cabinet lighting but that is something you should try to avoid. In addition to the huge amounts of energy wasted by these bulbs, they give off far too much heat for your comfort and for the safety of your foods.


Light and Style

There are many other issues to consider when choosing the best under cabinet lighting and you also need to know whether you can do the installation yourself or get a professional. Check out this other article outlining some additional ideas when considering under cabinet lighting.


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