Best Apps to Use When Relocating

Everybody knows that moving can be exhausting. With everything to pack, to clean, and all the paperwork in between, it can be hard to get everything done smoothly in an eco-friendly way. Thankfully, technology can make the process less painful. Whether it’s using innovative packing techniques or hiring people to complete certain tasks for you, there are apps galore to help cut down on your stress… and carbon footprint. Here are some of the best apps to use when relocating.


Unpakt is a great app that allows you to directly schedule all your moving services. No more forgetting things at home or making multiple trips: you can book, manage, and pay for your move all at once in the Unpakt app. There’s no longer a need to seek multiple appraisals in bunches. Just enter your details in the app, and you’ll see moving prices in cities across 37 states.


You don’t need to stress about preparing your place to move anymore. TaskRabbit allows you to hire a Tasker, a home services professional, to complete home repairs, power-clean your home, disassemble your bed frame, and other assorted tasks. Best of all, TaskRabbit has expanded to serve most major cities now! Say it with us: no more chores, no more chores, no more chores!


New to the neighborhood? Get connected with your new neighbors virtually with Nextdoor, a private social messaging app that hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods use to connect with each other. Are there rules about what side of the street you can or cannot park a moving truck on overnight? Anything important to know or even people to meet? Find out before you get there by connecting with your community on Nextdoor.


Turo is going to be your ecological bestie. This app is a virtual marketplace for car sharing. Yes, car sharing- NOT ride sharing. You can list your car for rental or choose from hundreds of others in your area. Turo makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for within a convenient distance, even if you’re on the hunt for a car that uses less gas. Best of all, sharing vehicles, not just rides, helps cut down on the amount of cars in the market and makes the use of our gas-burning buddies far more efficient. Fewer cars falling into disuse and junk status!


What do you need? Postmates can get you anything! Whether you forgot cleaning supplies and just found an unpleasant housewarming gift in your new home or are in need of a food fix after a long day of moving, Postmates will bring it to you. This service, available in hundreds of cities worldwide, will bring you whatever you need to your doorstep. Simply request what you’re in need of and a Postmate will bring it your way. Save time- and gas!


Having trouble keeping everything organized? Download Sortly, the digital organizer! Sortly allows you to keep track digitally of everything you have to sort and pack, be it clothes, small appliances, furniture, or whatever in efficient, clean lists. The premium version even allows you to print out QR codes to assist with shipping and packaging.

Internet Speed Need Tool

No more phone calls to salespeople. The Internet Speed Need Tool allows you to determine your ideal internet speed by evaluating your needs via a few questions and showing you internet providers in your area that offer your recommended speed—helpful if you’re moving to a new area or just looking to upgrade your current pad. The internet speed you need will vary depending on how you use the web: if your kids play video games, if you recently upgraded to a smart TV, or if you run a business from home, you may need faster speeds.


Want to get a jump on designing your new apartment? Have fun and save yourself time in the future with MagicPlan, the virtual apartment planning app. Take pictures of your new place before your move and use the app to create detailed floor plans with them. The floor plans allow you to view your place in three dimensional space. You can plan out your decorating projects and figure out how exactly you’re going to get that couch in through the door with MagicPlan.


Finally, take your virtual planning directly to your team with Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a wunder-ful web-based to-do list app. You can create lists, schedule deadlines, set reminders and share your lists with the begrudging friends and patience-tested family helping you move. Adding to their appreciation, but your convenience, the app also allows you to assign tasks to the people you’ve shared your lists with. Handy!

~Article submitted by guest blogger, Lexi Carr. Lexi is a freelance writer who is passionate who cares deeply about the environment. She enjoys traveling all over and learning new cultures, habits, and ways of thinking. When she’s not hiking her favorite trails and introducing the outdoors to her pup, Bruno, she’s writing about all of the new and interesting things she’s learned.