Buildings are a major source of carbon dioxide emissions, and as such, are ripe opportunities for intentional design. Whether new construction or retrofit, the intentional design of a green building will significantly reduce water and energy consumption, and can transform its profile to become a source of “micro-renewables,” i.e. selling surplus energy that they generate to the grid.

Green buildings reflect a growing sense of stewardship for the environment. They benefit owners, tenants as well as communities at large, and are expected to soon become the norm. Below products are excerpted from BuildingGreen’s Top Ten 2013.

  1. WUFI software – prevents moisture or air quality problems – useful during commissioning
  2. Atlas CMU block with CarbonCure
  3. Amorim expanded-cork boardstock insulation is 100% natural, rigid insulation material produced from natural cork.
  4. Proglaze ETA 

5. LoE-i89 glazing
  5. Viridian reclaimed wood processes materials
  6. GeoSpring hybrid heat pump water heater
  7. Haiku ceiling fans
  8. XS-P Series streetlight
  9. Cyber Rain controllers avoid overwatering corporate landscapes.


Nadine Cino LEED AP, is CEO and co-inventor of the Tyga-Box System, New York, N.Y.

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