Dear Customers and future Customers,

We  continue to closely monitor the rapidly changing developments with respect to COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) across the US and want to reassure you that we are taking every possible measure to protect all of our customers.

Precautionary Steps

Your safety is important to us at TygaBox and our team takes great pride in our order fulfillment procedures as well as our rental fleet sanitizing measures. We are taking steps to improve our procedures to make them even more rigorous and thorough. As such, we are:

  • using an anti viral/anti bacterial solution to sanitize all of our rental equipment.
  • wiping down all frequently touched surfaces throughout our facilities multiple times a day, including light switches, door handles, desktops, mobile devices, and keyboard surfaces.
  • thoroughly disinfecting our delivery vehicles between deliveries with Lysol spays and wipes.

Updated Delivery and Pickup Protocol

We are updating our delivery team daily on all current recommended safety precautions for the shipping, pickup, and delivery of any our products. 

  • TygaBox is providing our team with gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants.
  • All gloves are refreshed between jobs and disposed, never reused.
  • During all pickups and deliveries, the team sprays and wipes down all equipment with an anti viral/antibacterial cleaning solution without exception.

Updated Staff Protocol

We are a small team working closely to help limit the spread of the virus.

  • Currently, all staff not utilized for fulfillment is working from home.
  • TygaBox has provided products for daily cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces throughout our offices and warehouse.
  • Our Team has agreed to limit all nonessential travel based on all CDC and local recommendations.
  • Any member of our Team who is sick in anyway has been asked to stay home and contact their healthcare provider.
  • As an additional precaution, we have instructed our Team to avoid shaking hands.

We know these circumstances are challenging for everyone and we are committed to doing our part to alleviate some of the stress. Please contact us anytime at 212-398-3809 or with any questions or support needs.

We will continue to keep you informed of any changes. Thank you for choosing TygaBox for your churn and relocation needs.


The TygaTeam