Use smart technology to add value to your home and to create an environment that makes you feel happy and secure. Here are six useful suggestions to help you get started.


Start Small

If you don’t know where to begin using smart technology try using it with something easy like your light bulbs. Switching to LED bulbs is a simple step to add value to your home. LEDs are a bit more expensive to buy than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs but factor in the cost of replacing old light bulbs at least once a year–as opposed to an LED that can last for more than 20 years–and you have a great ROI. LED bulbs are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors, and can be dimmable. Try the LIFX App Controlled Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb, A19, no hub needed; just replace the old screw-in bulb with this LED:


Outlets and Plugs

Outlets and plugs are another easy way to add smart technology to your home. Add a smart plug to the outlets you use most often, and you will never have to worry again that you left a hot iron or hair curler on. All you do is plug this gadget into an existing 120v wall outlet, download the app and connect it to your mobile device. Again, no hub necessary for this small device. It’s easy and you’ll have complete control of the outlet from anywhere.


HVAC at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re living in a small apartment in Columbus or a huge penthouse in New York city, smart HVAC systems add value to your home while saving you money. Many smart thermostats learn the regular routine of your heating and cooling schedule and within a week will program themselves.

A great example is the ecobee4 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Built-In Voice service. This model comes with Alexa Voice Service built in. It has room sensors that can help manage different temperatures within a room and can be paired with more than 30 additional sensors around your home. You can adjust temperature settings from any smart device and also utilize far-field voice technology. Ecobee can be used with Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings and many other whole home systems.



Entertainment systems have come a long way since the days of three television channels and TV sets that were enormous pieces of furniture, with rabbit ear antennas—and occasionally a wire hanger sticking out of the back. Today we stream the shows we want and watch at any time, have access to stations around the globe and can watch programs and movies on devices that fit where we are at any time.

Smart home theater systems are affordable, easy to install and use. The Amazon Echo Dot is a 3rd generation smart speaker with great sound. You can use its voice control to play music, configure your viewing screen, set alarms, check the weather and so much more. All you have to do is make the popcorn.


Security in and Around Your Home


It has never been easier to outfit you home with security devices, both inside and out. Whether you choose a simple doorbell camera or an entire system throughout your home you can have access to information about your home and family from anywhere. There are a variety of entry lights and cameras to choose from. Porchlights with cameras and alarms, doorbell cameras or covert cameras that can be mounted almost anywhere make it seem like you have an invisible fence around your property.


You will be able to see who, or what is in your yard. Install a camera in your kid’s playroom and you will know if their screaming is a real emergency or just an argument over a toy. Smart sensors can also be installed in a swimming pool–a must for families. The sensors alert you to any movement in the water using an app on your smart phone.


Clean air is another aspect to having a healthy, safe home. Purchase smart devices that monitor particulate matter in your home’s air in case of fire and keep track of carbon dioxide and radon levels in your house too.


More Smart Tools


By installing a smart hub into your home, you will have a central location with which to control any or all your home’s systems and devices.

The smart home hub can be synced with your smart phone and you will have virtual access to your entire home. Besides the hair curler and iron issue you can manage the sprinkler system, HVAC, lighting and window coverings. You will be able to look inside your smart refrigerator so you can stop for grocery items on your way home from work, saving yourself from a second trip out. And don’t forget, with a smart floor cleaner you won’t have to chase dust bunnies anymore, and your kitten will have some entertainment.


Free up your time for activities that make you happy and enjoy the comfort and security of a smart home.


~Article submitted by Sam Radbil. Sam is the content manager and a contributing author at ABODO. He previously worked as a content and media specialist at an Austin, Texas software startup. He has a Bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University and a Master’s degree in strategic communication from American University in Washington, D.C.