Going Green When Relocating or Opening a Vehicle Fleet Business

If you run a vehicle fleet business, you probably know the benefits associated with going green. In some countries, this is a legal requirement enforced by the authorities, and fleet businesses have no option other than to comply. Whether you plan to relocate or open a new branch of a fleet business with trucks, cabs, delivery vans, or passenger coaches, planning to go green will not only comply with environmental requirements but will also bring some benefits to the business.

The biggest problem at hand is that there are thousands of vehicles on the road today that are responsible for carbon emissions, growing junkyards, and oil pollution among other negatives. Environmental experts are concerned, and they are working hand in hand with authorities to improve the sustainability of these businesses. Let us look at how any fleet business should embrace the green concept to improve their business when relocating to a new area or even when expanding their business.


Investing in Technology


Let’s say that your limousine or car rental fleet is about to relocate or that you want to establish a new branch as part of an expansion plan. This is a great opportunity to have a business with state-of-the-art technology. Of course, this will give it an edge over the competitors in the locality. But most importantly, the latest technology promotes going green.

  • GPS tracking technology – Installing the latest tracking technology allows you and the managers to track vehicles in real time. But what makes it green is the fact that traffic mapping encourages the use of the shortest routes to save fuel, reduce carbon emissions, and lastly save on the cost of operations.
  • Smart camera and surveillance solutions – Today, fleets use smart cameras integrated with the GPS to transmit footage in real time, identify the actual location, and even track vehicles. The green benefits of this technology include those that are also offered by GPS tracking.
  • Fuel management – Your newly relocated or established fleet business will greatly benefit from sophisticated fuel management software. The aim is to understand smart ways of saving fuel by detecting all the loopholes where it is wasted in the first place. This will have a positive impact on the environment while the fleet saves thousands of dollars every month.
  • Maintenance and repair solutions – As you plan to move the business to a new location or open a new fleet business branch, ensure that you have everything ready. Having proper vehicle maintenance software in place is a big step towards saving the environment and saving money for the business. Today, fleets are focused on using their vehicles for many years, which reduces waste disposal and the cost of buying new vehicles.
Using Electric Vehicles


By now, any fleet business that is concerned about the environment must have heard about electric vehicles and the benefits that come with them. When planning to expand or relocate your fleet business, you should take the opportunity to explore electric vehicles as part of a new start.

Importantly, these vehicles do not release any carbon emissions into the air, have oil leaks, or make a lot of noise pollution. Additionally, they have low maintenance costs. With the last benefit, your fleet business will have enough finances to explore. Discover more on this website about the best fleet management solutions. Once they are installed, your fleet business will now have a new start.


Eco-Friendly Driving Techniques


Whether you are about to relocate your fleet business or not, it is crucial to consider eco-friendly driving techniques. Drivers should be trained when they come onboard, annually, or when bad driving techniques are detected. According to professionals in fleet management, popular eco-friendly driving strategies with benefits to the environment and the fleet include the following steps.

  • Frequently communicate eco-friendly driving techniques – Luckily, managers or owners are integrated as the supervisors of all the solutions put in place. They can monitor the driving behavior, traffic, and locations in real time. Accordingly, they constantly guide the drivers on the shortest routes to use, query lengthy idling and excessive speeding, or monitor any other behavior.
  • Plan and execute training – As mentioned, frequent training in a fleet company really enhances efficiency and promotes going green. When you have just relocated your fleet business or opened a new branch, all new drivers should be trained in the improved SOPs. Even the existing drivers should be trained in the improved standards and techniques.
Bringing Everyone Onboard


A relocated fleet business resembles a new business in many ways. Together with any newly opened branch, they should focus on involving everyone in green strategies. You will be surprised that drivers have better solutions that will benefit the environment, save money, and enhance efficiency. Brainstorm together and harmonize the opinions of all employees to get the best from all opinions.




It is clear that relocating your fleet business or opening a new branch creates a major opportunity to go green. Hopefully, the insights that we have shared will be invaluable in such a situation. One thing to remember is that others are striving to achieve these strategies since the entire world is now focused on sustainability.


~Guest post by Katan Andreas. Katan has been a fleet manager for the last ten years. The evolution in the industry has continuously brought many positive changes. I hope you have enjoyed the insights that I have shared in this article and you should look out for more to understand this topic better.