Green Removal Tips and Guidelines

Removals are one serious part of every home’s lifespan and they require you to do some research and work to prepare. The following guidelines will make your removal as eco-friendly and safe as possible without it becoming way too difficult to manage. In most cases you will need to handle a large number of boxes made of cardboard which are not exactly conducive to an eco-friendly removal. Each time you move to a new location you will go through a number of boxes that may easily end up in the local landfill. You should consider ways you can go a step further to either reuse or recycle boxes, especially if you are moving multiple times. Here are some suggestions for how you can make that happen:

Using Recycled Plastic Bins 

Check with the removal company of your choice for more information to determine if they have any recycled plastic bins you can work with.These will last longer than a move or two, making them especially useful if moving is part of your routine, such as military families and more. You can use them whenever you’re moving out and you will have them to take care of most of your future moving needs too. On the bright side when they run their course, get broken or brittle, you can always send them for another round of recycling. You can use them safely without them falling apart or collapsing under the weight of the items inside in most cases. Once you’re done moving you can simply stash them inside one another in one solid package you can use later down the line.

Using Biodegradable Packing Supplies
People rarely realize that every time they use the ordinary bubble wrap, foam wrap, or packing peanuts they have a negative impact on the environment. These packing supplies are convenient and easy to use in all cases, however, they are also petroleum-based products. Such substances will take much time to degrade once the removal is completed and people just throw them away. Instead, go for the green alternatives and buy packing peanuts made of vegetable oils and corn starch or bioplastics. In case you decide not to purchase such supplies, you can even use popcorn instead and compost it after the end of the moving process.

Getting More Creative with Wrapping

In order to make your removal greener, you can find a clever eco-friendly way to wrap your belongings too. An excellent idea is to use clothing, towels, linen and other environmentally-friendly wrapping for your fragile possessions. Packing your belongings in those will help you utilize older items without additionally pollute nature with plastics. The fabrics you have will protect your items from the bumps on the road. So, next time you have to pack, take your time and find a way to do the relocation in a way which will be safe not only for your possessions, but for nature as well.



Article granted by Ella Andrews on behalf of: Removal Companies Richmond Ltd.