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Home Improvements You Can Take With You When You Move

From time to time, we all feel the need to alter our living situation. While homeowners have the luxury of installing built-in units and undertaking large-scale home renovations, renters and those who move frequently don’t usually have permission for these kinds of jobs. Luckily, we at Modernize know that there are plenty of portable home improvements that can make a huge difference in your current home and that can easily travel when you move. Here are some of the best ways to improve your home without calling the contractor.

Kitchen Islands
By investing in a large butcher’s block or making your own kitchen island, you can forget about your lack of counter space and prepare food to your heart’s content. Make sure your unit has shelves underneath to store pots, pans, and cookbooks, and spring for a version with a built in wine rack if you enjoy a tipple every now and then.
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Entryway or Mudroom Benches
Declutter your closet-free entryway with a storage bench. Take two open shelving units, turning one on its side, and create a seating and storage combination unit that you can easily dismantle at a later date. Designate a square for each member of the family, pad out the seating area with a cushion, and hang a few wall hooks above the seating area for an attractive, simple freestanding mudroom storage unit.
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Entertainment Centers
One of the most popular DIY home improvement projects around is a bespoke entertainment center. Get as creative as you like with yours, adapting and combining shelving units or building your own from scratch to suit your storage needs. If your unit is particularly heavy, tether it to the wall with inexpensive, child friendly tethers, but don’t feel guilty taking the unit with you whenever you move.
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Playroom or Family Room Storage
Give your playroom some extra seating and storage with a corner seating/storage unit combination. To complete this classic Ikea-style hack, all you’ll need are two tall, narrow rectangular shelving units (such as the Ikea Kallax units) turned on their sides and a few bespoke seat cushions or pillows. Fill the shelves with storage boxes and toys for an instant, portable playroom upgrade.
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Wardrobes and Other Bedroom Storage
Rental properties often come with less than stellar bedroom storage, and if you’re living in less than your dream home you probably haven’t had time to upgrade your bedroom. Make the best of a bad situation by building or assembling your own bedroom storage around. For a built-in look, link shelving units on either side of your bed with an open shelf above the headboard.
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Window Seats
Give your bay window the only accessory it needs with a freestanding bench seat (with storage underneath, if you need some extra storage space). Place bookshelves on either side for a built-in look without any of the structural fuss and take the pieces with you wherever you go.
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If your current home isn’t blessed with a fireplace or even a faux mantelpiece, don’t despair! You can easily make your own with disused pieces of crown molding or 2x4s. Add wood stain or paint to suit your tastes and simply dismantle when you move.
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Room Dividers
Wooden or fabric screens make functional, tasteful room dividers while adding an element of style to any room. Make your own from leftover yards of fabric and wooden shutter frames, or buy from home improvement stores or flea markets. If the folding variety isn’t your style, use a bookcase or other tall shelving unit on its side to instantly break up a larger room into two living spaces.
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Home Decor
For renters on a strict rental agreement, accessories and other home decor are sometimes the only way to significantly make improvements in the home. Remember that all of your rugs, mirrors, and decorations can come with you when you move, so you won’t have to start completely from scratch every time.
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