How to Move House the Eco-friendly Way

Being concerned for the environment, when you move house is a good thing. It is unfortunate that a lot of house movers will resort to using cardboard boxes that cannot be recycled. Eco-friendly ways of carrying out a removal are safe and responsible and a significant number of people have decided to care about our planet, more. More and more people are turning towards it. You may be thinking of moving house, or currently in the process of relocation and wondering how to carry out an eco-friendly move. Below, we have listed a couple of handy pointers that will help you to do so, efficiently.

5 eco tips

1) One of the most important things in an eco-friendly move is to drastically reduce the number of belongings you will be carrying with you. Many people do not realise how many things they unnecessarily carry with them as well as hoard in their cupboards and closets. A good rule of thumb to remember is if you haven’t used something in the past 12 months, it is highly unlikely that you will be using it in the coming months too! If you have old clothes, plastic bags, shoes, belts, accessories as well as glass, tin, and plastic, you are able to use recycling points to dispose of any excessive baggage you may have, before moving. If you have other unwanted possessions that aren’t really doing you much good, it is wise to list them on places such as eBay or Amazon to enable you to gain a little bit of side cash, which will do you good!

2) You can also give away your stuff to family, friends, libraries, community centres, jumble sales as well as charity shops. That is one form of recycling. There may be someone you know who really needs what you have in the house and it would be wise to do so.

3) Many who aren’t eco-friendly tend to use cardboard boxes which take up space and are very challenging to re-use. The smarter version of it is using reusable plastic boxes. These are often given to you by the removal company and then requested back when you are done with your move. They are one of the best choices on the market because, unlike cardboard boxes, they do not tear or split easily. They are sturdy and are often able to withstand significant pressure.

4) Instead of purchasing bubble wrap to protect your fragile items, it is wise to use things like sheets, towels, pillows and cushions. They provide a natural, strong barrier for anything that runs the risk of breaking such as glass coffee table tops and things such as crystal vases and plates as well as glasses.

5) Ensure that the van you choose to hire for your house removal is of an adequate size. Most people do not understand that the larger the van, the more fuel it is going to consume. When you ask the removal company for a quote, make sure you let them know how much stuff you will be expected to carry over to the next house.

Article granted by Ella Andrews on behalf of: Removal Companies Chelsea