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Nadine Cino

IWEC Sponsor & Past Awardee, Nadine Cino, CEO-Tygabox, Announces Launch of New Company

Have you ever asked yourself – “where’s my stuff?”  If so, you’re not alone! Inventor Nadine Cino, has found a solution to your challenges and is offering an investment opportunity in her new company, TygaTech, a breakthrough item tracking system which is applicable to myriad market sectors such as moving, logistics, supply chain and humanitarian aid to name a few.  So you never have to wonder “where your stuff is!”
Individuals and corporations have tremendous problems in tracking, managing and securing assets and other items. Research studies show that the losing track of items is a universal problem, and the resulting time, monetary and “aggravation” costs are enormous. And yet, there is not a single solution in the market today that is suitable for broadly addressing most tracking needs. The available technologies are designed for a few specific applications, and are too costly, complex and cumbersome for the rest of us.
Tyga Technologies Inc is a vertically integrated, full service solutions provider of a proprietary item tracking system that provides distinct competitive advantages and fulfills unmet needs across a large array of industries and market sectors.  To date, Tyga Technologies invented, developed, manufactured, marketed and successfully deployed their system with paying customers. The company makes tracking turnkey, providing hardware, software, training and support.
“With our first company, TygaBox, we’ve eliminated over ½ billion pounds of cardboard from clogging landfills and saved 50 million trees from being destroyed….powerful impacts from a simple box! With our newest launch, TygaTech, our vision is to make item tracking part of daily life, and by doing so, open the portal to the sharing economy and reduce the unnecessary consumption of finished goods and planetary resources,” say Nadine.
If you are interested in learning more about the investment opportunities, feel free to contact nadine@tygabox.com