Nadine Cino, CEO – Honored as a 2017 WoM2M/IoT Technology Leader!

Chicago-bound to be recognized for her leadership as a woman in technology, Nadine, among the 42 women selected from throughout the country, accepted her award for being included in the WoM2M/IoT 2017 List for her role in the development of the item tracking products being introduced by TygaTechnologies.
She had the rare opportunity to sit next to Peggy while enjoying the celebratory dinner, and gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for Peggys’ mission: to practice inclusivity and recognize women for their leadership in technology.  Peggy and her team go the distance to practice inclusivity, and proactively seek women out for their leadership and thoroughly research them, poring over myriad news stories and bios, rather than simply select awardees from a pool of nominees, of which there are also a vast number.   
That approach demonstrates Peggy’s commitment to quality and integrity, and that’s what distinguishes her and her team from the rest.  That search for truth, to uncover the authentic “it” is in everything that Peggy does – and with great vigor and passion!  A true journalist at heart!  As a result of her insightful questions to so many people over so many years, she is a tremendous source of information and contacts for the technology community.
 Thank you Peggy for your leadership!
 Cheers! – Nadine
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