Cino of Tyga-Box: Connects with Customers; Past, Current & Potential

What recent honor, achievement or recog­nition has meant the most to you and why?

I recently graduated from the Advanced Management Program at IESE, Barcelona, ranked #1 International Business School by the Financial Times.

Please reflect on a recent achievement and/ or milestone for your company:

As we’ve prepared to expand our “brand persona” from Tyga-Box, the moving equipment rental company to TygaTrax, a mobile security and tracking technology company, we knew we had to attract a COO to facilitate the expansion and maintain smooth flowing operations. We are thrilled to announce that Eder Holquin has decided to join us and apply his talents and network to accelerate our growth. You can learn more about Eder’s remarkable life at:

What is the first thing you do when you arrive in the office in the morning?

Connect with customers; past, current and potential.

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