Organizational Tips to Making Packing a Breeze

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We’ve all been there – the stressful process of moving between one home and another, the mountain of stuff that you need to somehow pack into a trailer or removal truck. The process of putting things into boxes and making sure nothing is left behind seems easy on paper, but we all know that mistakes are often made at every step of the process.

In this post, we’ll provide some tips that’ll make this whole process a breeze, consigning packing and unpacking woes to a thing of the past.


Start early

How early do you think you should start? The day before moving day? Three days before? Seven days before? A week is about right if you’re to minimize stress levels. If you’re moving on a weekend, spend the one prior making sure seasonal and occasional use items are packed away safely and quickly, so you won’t forget them once the big day rolls around.

Starting early like this will lessen the impact of moving day itself – the day you wake up and realize that everything that surrounds you in your home needs to be moved that day, and that day only.


Pack by room

This seems obvious, but many packing operations can be waylaid by items being put in random boxes with little thought put into the process. Taking a measured, methodical approach to packing by clearly labeling your packing boxes and stacking them together will mean a much easier process going forward.

It’ll also make the process far simpler for any removal personnel you chose to hire. With all boxes easily labeled, they’ll be deposited in the appropriate room with the minimum of fuss.


Create a ‘survival box’

Another common occurrence in the packing process is arriving at your new home and realizing everything you need to settle down for the evening is packed away in 12 different boxes in five different rooms. In this situation, simply getting ready for bed on your first night in your new home requires a Herculean effort.

Swerve this by curating a ‘survival box’ with all your essentials. A change of clothes, shower gel, shampoo, phone chargers and anything else you need should all be included in this box – so when it comes to unpacking the bedroom, you’ll have the necessities by your side.


Enlist digital help

Your packing organizational skills don’t have to remain in the physical world – there are a range of apps to download to help your packing be as effortless as possible. Downloading a note-taking and organization app such as EverNote is a savvy move that’ll help you keep track of everything you need, while a more tailored app such as Sortly is another smart option.

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 Of course, having a high-quality array of boxes and dollies is arguably the most important factor of a successful packing operation. Browse TygaBox’s full selection today to reduce your environmental footprint. These, combined with the tips listed above, will certainly make packing up and moving on an absolute breeze.

~Article submitted by Shuayb Patel. Shuayb works at OWO Living, specialists in stylish home furniture and beds. To connect directly with OWO Living, look for them on twitter @OwoLiving.