Our vision is that Tyga is the technology-based global powerhouse, source of effortless moving which grows by enthusiastic customer referral based in accountability.


Our mission is to be the acknowledged global leader by innovating solutions which enable businesses and individuals to optimize the moving process in an efficient and sustainable manner.  Our technology products and services dynamically manage the moving process, reducing risk and loss to our customers.  Tyga will become known as the source of effortless moving.

Core Values

  • Be the CEO!!— Customer Experience Officer

  • Build open and honest relationships

  • Do more with less and keep “mother nature” in mind

  • Be “of service” above self

  • Be persistent, and persistently curious

  • Create a mutually supportive meritocracy

  • Practice acceptance and gratitude


Values in Action

Diversity in the Workplace – our company brings together people of diverse ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds creating alignment amongst our collective dreams for the benefit of our customers and our company.
Strategic alliance with Agripods
    • Abandoned city lots will be converted into vertical farms of agripods in which organic produce will be grown.
    • Agripods will utilize state of the art materials to produce durable lightweight expandable structures engineered to deliver air and water flow to vegetables in timely manner and in proper quantity.
    • TygaBoxes will be used to:
      1.  Transport produce from agripod to final destination such as farmers market, retailer or soup kitchen.
      2.  Repurpose damaged TygaBoxes to become containers in which produce is grown.
    • Community benefits:
      1. Reasonably priced organically grown food.
      2. Fresh picked daily for maximum nutrition, color and flavor.
      3. Minimize fuel consumption transporting produce.
      4. Community residents can have space to grow their own vegetables.
  • Our company was created with our caring for the environment.
  • Updated our logo to the “green Tyga” in preparation for global expansion.
  • We recycle paper waste and reuse / wash coffee cups and utensils.
  • We clean TygaBoxes with natural anti-microbial essential oil.
  • We use post consumer co-mingled-waste plastic from which to produce TygaBoxes.