Phase II of the Cleaner, Greener Communities (CGC) Program

Frequently, NYSERDA funds incent sustainable building projects and improve the ROI to building owners for any number of given initiatives.

As the Cleaner, Greener Communities (CGC) Program enters into Phase II, NYSERDA is currently offering competitive grants for the implementation of market-transforming sustainability initiatives and projects that accelerate the adoption of sustainable planning and development practices, are innovative, create multiple community benefits, reduce carbon emissions, leverage public and private resources, and propel NYS toward an environmentally and economically vibrant and resilient future.  Public, private, and non-profit entities are eligible to apply.

NYSERDA’s scoring will be based on the degree to which the projects support the following criteria:

  • Stimulate Market Transformation
  • Support Sustainable Planning and Design Practices
  • Create Regional and Community Benefit
  • Leverage CGC Funds
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions

While all criteria above are important, I believe in particular, “Regional and Community Benefit” plays well into our NYC region given the diversity of communities in our 5 boroughs, the changing commercial real estate needs seeking smaller offices w/open plan/touchdown workspaces and because city government is making a push to support start-ups and entrepreneurs who much more frequently use the new model of shared offices rather than extravagantly spending VC money for luxurious office space.

Detailed information and solicitation guidance for PON 2951, Cleaner Greener Communities Phase II Implementation Funding – Round 2, can be found on the Guidance Documents section of the Cleaner Greener Communities website.

~by Nadine Cino LEED AP, CEO and co-Inventor of Tyga-Box Systems

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