At TygaBox we take reuse very seriously. Simply, our products were invented to be reused!

Each component of the TygaBox System is made from recycled, durable plastic and can be reused tens of thousands of times, saving planetary resources with each and every reuse. In fact, the TygaBox System has generated over 1 billion TygaBox reuses and diverted 350 million pounds of corrugated cardboard waste from landfills. AND, even after their lifecycle as moving equipment has expired, they are re-purposed and reused again. Often, the TygaBox Systems gets a second useful life with a local community organization or non-profit.

These organizations have used TygaBoxes as composting bins, plant starter boxes, for record storage and, in the case of the Queens Botanical Garden, as supplies storage for their Volunteer Programs. What’s better than supplies on wheels?!

Queens Botanical Gardens – Re-Purposing TygaBoxes for volunteer supplies storage.

“Thank you for your support that will ensure we have our supplies easily accessible so that we may focus on supporting our volunteers’ efforts in the Garden throughout the year.”

We are delighted to know about all of the ways our ‘retired’ Tygas are used. Drop us a line at and tell us how you’ve re-purposed your Tygas!