TygaTools Kit


Our purpose is to help companies significantly reduce their moving costs and packaging impacts to people and planet by providing reusable TygaBoxes and eliminate the use of cardboard boxes.

Contents of TygaTools Kit

  • 20 TygaBoxes + 4 TygaDollies creates 4 TygaStacks (up to 5 TygaBoxes/1 TygaDolly per stack)
  • When stacked 5-high, the system measures 29″L x 18.5″W x 58.5″H
  • TygaBoxes|TygaDollies nest into each other to maximize storage space.


Our TygaTools are Lean | Mean | Green!

  • What Makes it Lean:
    • 30% reduced moving costs compared either to cardboard boxes or competitors’ crates.
    • SpaceMiser™ value-engineered dimensions: 1 Kit = 1 Stack = 5.3 SF (24.5”x31.5”).  This may be less than or equal to the space currently used to store cardboard.
  • It’s Mean — Uber-Mean!!
    • The Tyga HATES waste, and cardboard boxes waste:
      • Your time executing repetitive multiple tasks, multiple times annually: (i) order, (ii) accept delivery, (iii) store, (iv) distribute, (v) collect, (vi) breakdown, (vii) sort/store for reuse or (viii) sort/bundle for disposal.
      • Your staffs’ time causing 30% higher employee down time.
      • Millions of trees annually to make a cardboard box which is reused on average, only 2-3 times.
  • Green ROI’s: Return on Investment | Return on Innovation | Return on Impact
    • Return on Investment:
      • $0.10 cost per use TygaBox vs. $1.12 cost per use cardboard
      • 1 year = average time to pay-back as reported by FM’s.
      • Cost Avoidance Savings — Eliminate budgeted line item for cardboard boxes for the next 20 years. How much do your savings add up to?
    • Return on Innovation = TygaBox Innovations:
      • Safety First: Non-Tip TygaDolly reduces claims exposure
      • Reddi-Rails™ — ergonomic, efficient and effortless to use
      • TygaTrain – 1 person pushing = 2 stacks moving
    • Return on Impact:
      • generated over 1 billion TygaBox reuses
      • reduced carbon footprint by 350,000 tons
      • eliminated 350,000,000 pounds of cardboard from clogging landfills
      • saved 35,000,000 trees from being destroyed

Additional information

Weight240 lbs
Dimensions32 x 25 x 54 in

MidNite Blue, GoGlobal Green, RaceCar Red, SilverBullit Grey


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