Warehouse Supervisor


Gerald is a NYC native who loves his city that never sleeps. Born and raised in Flushing Queens, he is a die hard motorcycle rider! Cruising the streets of New York on 2 wheels, is what he lives for. It started with peddle bikes and now he has a passion for powerful, loud machines! You can catch him, or at least try to, on any highway in the state! Gerald rides for a motorcycle club and enjoys social biker events.

Gerald is raising two strong young men, ages 2 & 5. They both love learning new things along with any sport you put in front of them! His oldest, Jaydin, just learned to ride a bicycle with out training wheels. Quickly on his way, to following in his fathers foot steps! Justin, his young boy, is full of energy and enjoys trying anything his big brother can do!

Gerald manages the Tyga warehouse. He is committed to providing effortless moving to all Tyga customers! His journey began in 2009 with the company. He loves his job and the people around him!