CEO & co-Inventor


Nadine is a native New Yorker. Born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island, she moved back to NYC as soon as she could pay her own rent.

As a child, she loved being a Girls Scout and earned so many badges that some had to be sewn on the back side of her sash! Her favorite part of scouting was camping and learning about Native American culture. Their respect for the environment made a big impact on her, shaping her as a future SustainAbility leader.

Marty, the love of her life is also the Tyga-Box’s President. They live, work and invent together (that’s a lot of together!). Their romance started on a Saturday afternoon 34 years ago while returning home from NYC on the Long Island Railroad. Marty’s blind date in Central Park had “no chemistry”, and Nadine had spent the day at Barnes & Noble buying art history books. When Nadine looked up from reading about Athens — their eyes met – and then there was love!

Family is a continuous source of joy, and mom, sister, children and grandchildren inspire love and laughter. She loves technology to stay in touch – whether facetime with family in LA or texting grandchildren about their latest race or new college classmates.

Nadine is CEO and co-Inventor of Tyga-Box, and develops strategy, new business and new products. She intuitively understands what customers want and she is relentless in her pursuit to provide greatest value.

She LOVES her roles at Tyga-Box because of the Tyga-Team!!! They are dedicated, caring people aligned with the company’s vision to grow by enthusiastic customer referrals and to be accountable to their word.

Her vision is for Tyga to become the global source of “effortless moving” resulting from the successful launch of its new electronic tracking system.