We appreciate the opportunity to be “Made in America”

It’s been part of our company’s DNA since inception.  American engineers helped us develop the first prototypes of TygaBox over 25 years ago. Our first manufacturer had acquired a factory out of bankruptcy and our orders helped that factory get back on its feet.  Today, we work with a factory located in the heartland, and we deeply appreciate that we can rely on them to be a team player, and when necessary, go the extra mile to help us help our customers.

You see, because we’re made in America, we’ve been able to build a customer-centric company.

We feel privileged to be able to provide our customers with:

  • impeccable quality
  • small production runs
  • short lead times
  • custom color runs
  • custom hot stamping — helps our customers market their company’s brand to their customers
  • ongoing collaboration with factory towards increasing efficiency and reducing costs

So it is with great pride that we produce products that are durable for decades, helping our customers move safely and reduce their packaging impacts, and save trees……so far……50 million and counting!

Made in USA