How to Reduce Waste When Moving

It is about that time to sort, toss and pack. Few individuals want to buy products that they will eventually toss out. Decreasing waste can reduce initial expenses and is better for the environment. What can people do to keep waste at a minimum when moving?

Moving an entire household can be a great challenge, use the following suggestions to minimize waste on an upcoming move today.

Pare It Down

Don’t just toss everything in a home in boxes when moving. Sort through items and collect the clothes, electronics, toys and furnishings not worth bringing to the new home. Host a garage sale to sell off unnecessary items. Unsold items can be donated to the Vietnam Veterans of America or the Salvation Army. New apps make it easy to sell items of value online. In addition, feel free to reach out to neighbors, friends and family to see whether or not they might be able to use those items that will not be coming along for the trip.

Minimize Boxes

There are plenty of storage solutions in a home. Suitcases and duffel bags can be used for packing linens, clothes and other small items. Some moving companies may allow individuals to leave clothes in drawers in the case of a short-distance move.

Safely Pack Fragile Items

Glass, crystal and some electronics may need a little attention to be able to be safely transported. This does not require the purchase of bubble wrap or packing paper. Consider using old cloth, towels, t-shirts and old newspapers in place of new packing paper. Those who want to get rid of old towels after moving can contact their local animal shelter as they could use the material for bedding for kittens and puppies.

Consider Reusable Boxes

Some movers who still need boxes may want to look into purchasing reusable boxes. This can come in as a handy solution and individuals may store them for later use or share them with others that may need boxes for their next move. Being a part of the sharing economy makes it easier for all who take part to benefit from necessary items while keeping costs down. Reusing boxes can help keep cardboard out of landfills and decrease the amount of waste produced when moving.

Choose Eco-friendly Packing Material

There are alternatives to old packing materials. People who are moving who want to use bubble wrap or packing peanuts can find bubble wrap made out of recycled plastic and peanuts composed of biodegradable cornstarch. This may come in useful for large televisions and other items that require more cushioning when moving. Some moving companies may rent out reusable plastic totes as an affordable option to boxes for smaller objects.

Keep It Neat

It can be easy to scratch walls or leave scuff marks during the process of moving. Those who need to do a quick paint job can use recycled paint for a quick touch-up. Extra paint can be donated or needs to be properly disposed of as paint is considered to be an environmentally hazardous product.

Investigate Recycling Programs

Rather than add more garbage into a local landfill, look into local recycling programs. Some communities provide curbside pickup. There may also be centers were individuals may drop off cans, bottles and empty containers. Purchasing products in recycled containers or reusing glass and plastic containers helps reduce the amount of garbage being thrown away.

The Big Day

Get ready to work. Fill up old water bottles rather than purchasing new bottles of water. Stay hydrated while working quickly to pack last minute items and move boxes and furniture into a new home. Have a master list on hand to make sure all boxes reach their final destination and nothing is left behind.

~Guest post authored by Tommy Leigh, Broker/Owner at Vegas One Realty follow the company on Facebook and Tommy on LinkedIn.