Tip for Caring and Moving with Your Canine Friend

Moving house can be a hard task on its own, but when you have a pet you need to be extra careful not to project your own stress into the dog. The trouble comes from all the restlessness that a dog can experience when you are too busy making a moving checklist or going throw names of moving companies to give it the attention it deserves. That is no way to treat a friend, after all. When you start packing and taking away its favorite resting spots, the situation will become critical. Here is how you handle the relocation with your canine friend without causing the pet too much stress.

Tip for Moving with Your Canine Friend

• While packing, don’t take away the dog’s favorite things. Leave the chew toys and the boxes it likes to lie on. Leave its familiar environment intact for as long as possible and only pack them when you are ready to leave or else you will hear a lot of pitiful whining that could break your heart.

• Give attention to your dog. Have it fetch some of the things you need to pack, if it’s big and trained enough, or just have it around and pet and talk to it while you pack. You can both do the packing and enjoy time with your best friend, right?

• You need to take the dog to the vet for a checkup before the move. Some animals can become very restless during a relocation and you need to know that everything will be okay with your dog.

• If you are using public transport to travel to your new location, and you have a very unruly dog, you might want to ask your vet to give you some advice about sedation. Get sedatives from the vet and get instructed on how to apply them before the trip so that the dog is as calm as possible.

• If you have a calm dog, don’t put it in a box or cage, just have it on a leash and keep it next to yourself so that you can keep an eye on it. Dogs are better passengers than you may think – if somebody during the trip has a problem with your pet, it is his or her problem, and you shouldn’t deal with that person.

• Have a toy at hand during the trip and always give the dog attention. Humour the dog however you can, make it feel special to keep its mind away from the changes it will undergo.

• After you arrive to your own location, let the dog roam around to get introduced to the new environment, but don’t let it out of sight. Transition can be difficult, so do keep an eye on the dog in case it tries something crazy or goes over to greet the new neighbors.

Tip for Moving with Your Canine Friend2

Stress and anxiety can be dealt with, both for you and for your canine friend. Just don’t neglect it, have fun as much as you can with it, and slowly introduce it to the new life you will lead from now on.
Article granted by Ella Andrews on behalf of: chelseamanandvan.org.uk