Our purpose is helping others significantly reduce their moving costs and packaging impacts to people and planet by purchasing and/or renting reusable TygaBoxes which replace cardboard entirely, resulting in a 30% reduction of moving costs and 100% elimination of waste-to-landfill.

Bottomless, non-tip, low theft Dolly

The heart of the invention is its bottomless, non-tip, low-theft TygaDolly which cannot be used to move anything other than a TygaBox.
Being low-theft, TygaDollies are delivered at the same time as TygaBoxes, and because of that, an empty TygaBox is placed into the TygaDolly before packing – so no one ever lifts a box – unless it’s empty!!  Safety First!  The TygaDolly is the only non-tip dolly in the industry, mitigating risk from exposure to injury claims.

Engineered to optimize efficiency

TygaBox is the only plastic moving system which stacks 5 high in the same height other crates stack 4 high resulting in a reduction of labor costs by 25% when compared to other crates and 40% when compared to corrugated boxes.
From the onset, the move is on wheels and can be effortlessly moved as the stack is being packed.

Lightweight, durable, gender friendly

TygaBox weighs 20% less than other crates, and delivers an enduring life cycle — extending beyond 20 years.

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