We Just Pitched It!

The 1010Wins- Canon Maxify Printers Small Business Challenge invited us, 1 of only 10 inspiring entrepreneur finalists changing our world today, to participate in a chance to win $10,000 through a 90 second pitch! Challenging, right?

The 1010Wins Pitch puts us on the stage with the most innovative and dynamic businesses.

Excitement filled the room as soon as Nadine Cino, our CEO, came on stage and gave the 90 second Tyga-Pitch with a live demonstration of TraXi, the microsized, microcost item tracking kit that organizes your stuff like your favorite playlist!

She gave the impact we were looking for!

Be ready!! You will be speechless when you first experience TraXi in your hands!!

Big thanks to CBS-1010Wins, the Canon Maxify Printers Small Business Challenge, and the whole team who gave us the opportunity to share our Vision and spread our Passion.

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