Whether you need a Contactless Full-Service or DIY relocation solution, TygaBox can help! Introducing, InstaMove a relocation service for small moves in and out of co-working spaces and micro offices throughout the NYC region.

InstaMove offers a full array of relocation/storage options to get your office packed and unpacked in an instant.

Our services:

  • Contactless Full-Service: We pack while you attend to your business needs. Our crew will inventory, pack, and label the contents of your office, and wrap and pad all over-sized and fragile items. We leave your office broom clean and transport your belongings to your preferred destination.
  • Storage: Located in LIC, our safe, secure storage facility accommodates both short or long-term needs.
  • Planet-Friendly Packaging: Our signature product, the TygaBox System, eliminates 100% cardboard waste-to-landfill because it’s a reusable moving system that lasts over 25 years. We sanitize TygaBoxes between each use, so if you DIY, your safety is assured. For protection, eliminate non-degradable bubble wrap with post-consumer recycled paper cushioning and bio degradable tape.
  • RFID Tracking: We know how important it is to know *exactly* where your things are, especially when it comes to your business! TygaTrax keeps track of everything and anything so you can find what you need when you need it by item and location on-demand.

DONATE NYC: We will donate $25 for every order to FoodToEat, an organization that partners with immigrant, women & minority owned restaurants in NYC to help them book catering opportunities in corporate offices. Given the continuing quarantine, FoodToEat will use our donations to purchase meals to our city’s feed frontline workers.

Email or call to learn more and schedule your InstaMove: nadine@tygabox.com or 212.398.3809.