TygaTrax News to Share

We are excited to share new developments on the TygaTrax front with YOU! All applications of our new technology point towards continued marketplace traction and success.

tag on blueCurrently, we’re managing Phase #1 of a global financial institution’s move REMOTELY!! Our first offsite application of TygaTrax is underway and we never left our office to see PERFECT COUNTS from our server. All TygaTrax captured counts were later verified by physical counts from the mover. As such, the tiny TygaTrax tag exceeded our customers’ expectations. We have always believed in TygaTrax’s potential to revolutionize the asset tracking process and we are thrilled to finally begin sharing this revolutionary technology with our customers!

Consistently, TygaTrax impresses folks across the country. A major van line even told us that TygaTrax is “far above” any tracking solution they’ve seen. As a result, they are considering using TygaTrax to track their national equipment fleet.

Tyga-Trax: Trust Your Data