TygaTrax Alerts Movers to Separated Items

Phase one of the Bank of America /Merrill Lynch move and data generated by the TygaTrax system has already shown us the value of onsite tracking during a move! At one of the origin location during the move, TygaTrax revealed unintended remaining items twice – the first time when a group of items were found locked inside a closet and a second time when a single office with tracking smlremaining item was located in a remote office.  All items were quickly retrieved and credited toward returns. At a second origin location, a group of TygaTraxBoxes were stuck in a broken freight elevator for hours. The TygaTrax system revealed their location, reminding the move team of their whereabouts and, later that afternoon, when all items were finally retrieved – TygaTrax reported a zero count at the origin building and their delivery to destination. At the destination location, as a redundant, fail-safe measure, all items were reconciled by a physical count matching the tag ID#s with the office#/cubicle#, item description, building location and date/time stamp. Accurate reconciliations are a powerful management tool yet they can also be a tedious manual process frequently fraught with inaccuracies. TygaTrax V2.0 will significantly improve the accuracy of the reconciliation process and reduce the time it takes by automating the process. It will generate detailed reports as per above which users will be able to see in real-time from their cell phones/tablets anywhere and at anytime. A special thank you to everyone who has played a role in showcasing TygaTrax: our customers, move teams, engineers, home team, friends and family!!