We’re making progress on many fronts – financial, market penetration and technology development.

Money first – so here’s a financial update.  We have received a Term Sheet from an investment firm for a $1 million investment in TygaTechnologies. We’re thrilled!  And, as we move forward on that front, we have received interest from another firm for an investment in the same amount.   What to do?

trax tags and hub borderMarket penetration deepens.  We followed our December 2016 TygaTrax move for Merrill Lynch with a TygaTrax move last month for JP Morgan Chase.  Both big moves; both made happy customers; both achieved 100% tracking accuracy, 24/7, across multiple buildings for multiple weeks.  And now we have interest in moving with TygaTrax from 8 different companies with nationally known brand names.

Technology development.  UGH!!  A setback in which a third party supplier has caused our engineering team (and us) much grief and delay on one of our projects.  Also, we’re looking into options for developing a TygaTrax mobile app.  The app will be a major step forward for us, but we haven’t green-lighted development yet.

Saving the best for last.  Nadine has been recognized as a “Woman in Technology” and is being honored at the WoM2M/IoT Awards Dinner in Chicago on June 22.

Let’s keep the conversation going!  We look forward to your comments.


Nadine & Marty


nadine@tygabox.com |twitter: @nadinecino