Tyga-Box Systems

Innovative and Sustainable Moving Solutions

Produced by Sean Barr & Writeen by Jeanee Dudley

Nadine Cino never intended to be an inventor. “My background is in fashion design,” she explains. “Years back I was moving my design studio and personal contents from one place to another, and I got everything I deserved when I hired the low-price mover.”

The wheels started turning and a private rant became the basis for the business that Tyga-Box Systems (TBS) is today. “I was throwing these cardboard boxes in the incinerator,” she elaborates. “All I could think of was this beautiful tree somewhere in the Northwest that somebody chopped down and floated down the stream only to be trucked out, tossed in an acid bath, turned into cardboard and shipped across the country for me to use once, moving my pencils. What a colossal waste of life.”

Nadine goes on to note that is how TBS began. “My partner in life and in business is Marty Spindel,” she elaborates. “We are a quasi-husband-and-wife team. We aren’t married, but we have been in a relationship for 34 years. Neither of us had any experience in running a commodity-based business. We had no business plan and really, we had nothing but passion. In retrospect, knowing what I know about business now, I can see that sometimes you just have to go with your gut and take your chances. You make it happen, because you’re too stupid to know you can’t. Passion and perseverance can uplift you. After almost facing bankruptcy three times and losing our life savings the first time around, it was still worth it. If we didn’t do it, someone else would have. Years down the line we would have seen someone else right where we are now and we don’t subscribe to the woulda-coulda-shoulda.”

Thinking Inside the Box

The driving concept behind the TBS brand began as a desire to eliminate the waste that comes from moving. In the beginning, Nadine and Marty rented out totes. “We were working with residential customers,” Nadine explains. “People loved the idea, but our order sizes were too small to make the business work. We decided to go to the commercial market, because corporate clients needed large quantities of our boxes, and we could more easily cover the cost of delivery and pickup services. We ended up in office moving, which is very different from residential, because companies tend to move over a single weekend and a tremendous amount of files and furniture needs to be moved in a short window of time.”

Again, the totes proved popular, but there were two major issues. First, none of the pre-manufactured totes were quite the right size for file folders, office supplies, accessories and personal belongings. Second, people would have to move a box several times before even putting it on a dolly.

“We’re outsiders, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you can put the box on the dolly before packing it, you never have to lift a filled, heavy box,” she explains. “We were working with the corporate clients’ moving companies and we asked, ‘Why don’t you bring a dolly a couple of weeks ahead of time?’ That didn’t go over well. Movers were concerned that they’d be stolen and there wouldn’t be any dollies there by the time the move came around. So Marty and I were determined to design a dolly that was theftproof and useless for moving anything other than a Tyga-Box.”