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~ A Guest Post by Jenna Davis, Marketing & Operations Associate at Updater

As you gear up for your upcoming move, notifying your credit card provider of your address change probably ranks high on your list of moving to-do’s. But, what about the million and one other companies and organizations that you’ll need to notify before the big day, like your college alumni association, your gym, and even your dog’s veterinarian down the street?

It goes without saying that trying to compile a directory — much less contacting all the businesses and organizations you care about — will send you into a moving stress bubble for a few days. The good news? You may not have to do it all by yourself (see below!). For now, here’s a comprehensive list of everyone you should notify about your change of address:

  1. The DMV
  2. Alumni organizations
  3. Health insurance providers
  4. Car insurance providers
  5. Magazines
  6. Newspapers
  7. Consumer catalogs
  8. Retail credit cards
  9. Drugstore rewards programs
  10. Fraternities and sororities
  11. Charitable organizations
  12. Volunteer programs
  13. Professional associations
  14. Hotel loyalty programs
  15. Banks
  16. Car rental services
  17. Children’s schools
  18. Professional journals
  19. Water, gas, and electric utility companies
  20. Post office for mail forwarding
  21. Employers
  22. Internal Revenue Service
  23. Food delivery services
  24. Religious organizations
  25. Cell phone providers
  26. Home service providers (internet and cable)
  27. Garbage or sewer services
  28. Voter registration department
  29. Your doctor
  30. Your lawyer
  31. The gym or sports club
  32. Your 401k and retirement funds
  33. Your pet’s veterinarian
  34. Rewards programs (think: frequent flyer programs)
  35. Your friends and family
  36. Laundry delivery services
  37. Your Amazon account

Whew, doesn’t just reading that leave you out of breath? Updating your accounts and records might be one of the most time-consuming items on your moving to-do list, but it’s completely do-able as long as you plan ahead meticulously. As for the secret tool we love, there’s a free website called Updater that (surprise!) updates all your accounts and records for you. We just gave you back a few hours of your life – enjoy them!

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