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Go green (and blue!) with TygaBox.

Our purpose is helping others significantly reduce their moving costs and packaging impacts to people and planet by renting reusable Tyga-Boxes which replace cardboard entirely, resulting in a 30% reduction of moving costs and 100% elimination of waste-to-landfill.

Engineered to optimize efficiency, Tyga-Box is the only plastic moving system which stacks 5 high in the same height other crates stack 4 high resulting in a reduction of labor costs by 25% when compared to other crates and 40% when compared to corrugated boxes.

Customers & Testimonials

what happy customers say about us!

  • "They are 1 of my favorite vendors because they have saved me a ton of money on my moving over the years by simply using their proprietary product “Tyga-Box” on moves. Bottom-line it saves about 30% to 40% on the labor side during a typical move – and I know everyone is looking to save money."
    Don DeRosa
    VP Northeast Region, Citi
  • “Hope all is well and wanted to update you on our use of the Tyga-Box. We’ve reached 528 people moved with them last month in February.”  Mass Mutual accomplished this with only 250 Tyga-Boxes which they purchased 2 month prior.
    John Vaughan
    Facilities Planning & Design, Mass Mutual Financial Group
  • "Tyga’s “re-usable crates” moved ~1,000 people here at Steelcase and reduced the move costs by $49,000 thru efficiencies (26%). Eliminated risk to office equipment failures by reducing IT device damages. Reduced risk of employee occupational hazards by preventing self moves.”
    Ron Osentoski
    Senior Account Operations Manager, Steelcase
  • "I am confident the boxes (we had over 500) saved us hundreds of hours of employee time, and also helped us avoid a single sore back or other lifting type of injury."
    Charles S. Wheatley
    Controller, ACT Networks
  • "We believe that the use of Tyga-Boxes reduced packing, moving and unpacking time considerably.  Office and file contents were able to be packed in an organized fashion with no lifting and were ready for the movers when they arrived.  The movers just had to roll them onto the trucks and then roll them to the offices...  I would recommend that anyone planning a move strongly consider the use of these boxes."
    R.E. Burton
  • "I got to tell you that the Tyga-Boxes are a big hit.  Everyone is very excited about the reuse factor!"
    Guillermo San Martin
    Strategic Leader
    Girl Scouts of the USA
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